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Subsidized Child Care

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Locally Serving Lassen County's Families and Children

2 young kids covered in blue and purple paintLassen Child & Family Resources may provide full or partial payment for child care services for eligible families that are residents or employees of Lassen County.
Financial assistance may be available for income-eligible families who are working, in school, or in training programs on a space-available basis.
Funding is limited for subsidized care programs, resulting in families being placed on a centralized eligibility list even though they are eligible for care.

Eligibility for program services is based upon the amount of family income and number of family members, referenced to the family fee schedule prepared and issued by the California Department of Education Child Development Division.

There are specific need and eligibility criteria that must be met.

If you qualify, call (530) 257-9781 to be put on the Central Eligibility List (CEL).


Income table to qualify for subsidized child care

Enrollment Card IconEnrollment

There are priorities established by the State Department of Education that govern enrollment from the centralized eligibility list. Families will be enrolled as child care slots become available

There are enrollment procedures and requirements. Before services begin the parent must complete an application for child care and development services and provide documentation of income and employment, job training or educational program, parental incapacity, child's special needs, and if there is Child Protective Services involvement, a referral letter from CPS is required.

Lassen Child & Family Resources strives to serve all eligible families. However, it is important to recognize that child care funds are limited, and it may not be possible to provide child care services to all families who qualify.