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Car Seat Purchasing

Car seats can be purchased for a low cost
at the Child & Family Resources Office.
To Learn more CLICK HERE.
New California Car Seat Law Changes. Effective January 1st 2017. Most Children will outgrow an infant seat before age 1. The next step is a convertible car seat. Rear facing is 5 times safer than forward facing. The American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendsthat children ride rear facing to the highest weight or height allowed by the car seat manufacturer. Kaitlyn's Law. It's against California law to leave a child who is six years of age or younger alone in the car without the permission of a person at least 12 years old if the keys are in the ignition or the car is running, or if there is a significant risk to the child. New Addition. Starting January 1st 2017, Children under two yeras oldmust be rear facing unless they weigh 40 pounds or more, or are 40 inches tall or more. Current Law. Children Under age 8 must be buckled into a car seat or booster in the back seat. Children age 8 or older, or who are 4 feet 9 inches or taller may use the vehicle seat belt if it fits properly with the lap belt low on the hips, touching the upper thighs, and the shoulder belt crossing the center of the chest. If children are not tall enough for proper belt fit, they must ride in a booster or car seat. Everyone in the car must be properly buckled up. Fines and penalties. For each child under 16 who is not properly secured, parents (if in the car) or drivers can be fined more than five hundred dollars and get a point on their driving records.